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Alternative Ulster at the IBU Brewpub

Great Music and Great Beer

Come join Cousin Paddy at the IBU Brewbub January 11 at 4 PM  3703 Brewerton Rd Syracuse NY. right behind the Mr Tire shop 

Cousin Paddys Dandelion Break Turkey Smoker andBBQ

So I am looking forward to the Annual Cousin Paddys Dandelion Break Smoker and BBQ, Food will be ready after 4 and you can come anytime after 1 PM and it is family friendly 


Back Home From Dublin

Well I just came back from Dublin, I had a real blast, Met new friends and had alot of food and of course pints. I never made it to Temple Bar, Maybe next time. The people who let me share they're  home where more than hospitable, they were great. Here are some things I learned,

1. The best tasting pint I ever had was at The Gravediggers where there is no bar stools, music, or wifi, They don't take credit cards, debit cards or anything but euros. 

2. The cheapest pints are at The Whitworth, 4 euro (about 4.99 dollars, )

3. The best music was at The Cobblestone

4. The best Whiskey I had was Teeling, No I did not bring any of that brand home. 

5. The Waiters, Bartenders, and other service people were fantastic, I never had to wait until they got off off their phone to get what I want even though tipping is not expected and a 5% tip is extremely generous. 

6. The Violence in the North of Ireland has subsided but the root causes are still there. 

7. I only had rain on one day but it was bitterly cold at the Giants Causeway. 

8. The people were kind, helpful and seemed happy to meet me. 

I will be going back soon, Now I will be getting back to what this site about, 

Great Music by Great Bands. 

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First post 

So I am in the process of building this website and I have learned a few things, First I learned that I don't have the skill of a middle school kid about computers, the web and just saying what you mean in language a computer program can understand. This program has no spell check so good luck to all of you trying to figure out what the hell I am saying. 

On the plus side , in the end I will be able to share Podcasts, band links and events that are coming up in the future. I hope to update the website on a weekly basis and if there is something of interest you want to share you will be able to. Let me know and after I read it I will post about it, I have low standards of what I will share as long as it follows these basic rules

1. It most be at least loosely about Celtic Rock, Folk Trad, of punk music

2. It can not include any personal opinions that are racist, sexist, or anything that includes any hate, (except disco music) 

3. Personally  criticizing the character of Cousin Paddy is allowed but just remember, The Cousin Paddy character is not a real thing and picking a fight with him only shows the lack of intelligence in the person doing it. 

so welcome to my journey and I hope we all enjoy the ride.  

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